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Imagine...connecting with your inner wisdom
and finding crystal clear answers,
a comforted heart, and a calm mind.
Imagine doing that instantly, any time, any place.

Welcome to Galaxy Tarot. An Oracle for the 21st Century.

*** Tarot Card Reader & Tarot Card Encyclopedia ***
Pull Tarot Cards, Cast Tarot Spreads and learn all about Tarot Cards for free! Whether you\'re brand new to Tarot cards or an experienced professional, Galaxy Tarot is made to guide and delight you!

~ Focus on the issue that concerns you. Shuffle, cut the deck, and then select the cards you\'re drawn to. You will receive a wise message that will help you get clear about your issue, find peace, and be guided forward. Whether your wondering about love, money, career, family, or just about living a more fulfilling life, Galaxy Tarot can help you! ~

- Gorgeous Tarot card images from the classic 1909 deck by A.E. Waite and P.C. Smith like you\'ve never seen them before. Looks beautiful on phones and tablets.
- Five Tarot Reading Spreads to choose from. Option to add more spreads to your collection with in-app purchases.
- Interpretations from Galaxy Tone\'s own pro Tarot reader, A.E. Waite\'s "Pictorial Key to the Tarot", and easy access to Wikipedia entries on each Tarot card.
- Reversed card option including keywords and unique interpretations for every card.
- Tarot Card Encyclopedia linking each card to its symbols, suit, and number.
- Resizable Card of the Day widget and optional Card of the Day notification
- Two stunning application backgrounds, and three card backs to choose from.
- Fully customizable Tarot card deck; choose whether you want to shuffle the cards, cut the deck, or go straight to your Tarot reading.
- A unique spread analyzer that helps you understand the trends in your readings.
- Ability to share spreads and cards using email, Facebook, Instagram and many other applications.
- Ability to turn reversed cards, use major arcana only, turn animations and sounds on or off, receive a notification of your Card of the Day, and many more ways to customize the app.

Included spreads:
- One Card
- Past, Present, Future
- Two Card
- Four Card General Spread
- Relationship Spread
- Celtic Cross

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